Legendary Weapons : How to (kinda)

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Legendary Weapons : How to (kinda) Empty Legendary Weapons : How to (kinda)

Post by Ender Wiggin on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:07 am

Hey there everyone!  Alot of people have been asking me for tips on how to save up for that precursur or needed legendary mats.  I have some tips for everyone!

  1. Salvage everything, rares lvl 68+ will give you ectos (you need 500+ ectos for legendary). DO NOT SELL RARES ON TP.
  2. Use Mystic Salvage kits, it is one of each salvage kit (fine, masterwork, rare +3 mystic stones).  This will give you the greatest possibility of rare materials.
  3. Use the Mithril and Edler Wood you get from salvaging, along with any T5 fine(blue) mats to make the desired weapon of choice (rare lvl 80 weapons).  These mats will come quickly if you are salvaging everything.
  4. Craft as many lvl 80 rares as you can in your sepcific weapon category. IE..if I am going for Sunrise Greatsword, craft all lvl 80 rare GS's.  The mats for these rares are dirt cheap BUT DO NOT BUY OFF TP, salvage and gather them yourself to save big $$$.
  5. Putting 4 rare weapons of the same type in the Mystic Forge will yield a rare or exotic of the same weapon type.  This has a 0.25% chance of making your precursur. Putting 4 exotics of same type has 2-3% chance of making your precursur.

#1 tip, do not sell your mats, craft with them to give yourself a chance at precursur.  If you need gold, run dungeons. Most dungeons give 1-3 gold per run.

It is a long grueling road, but just remember everything you sell, you actually need. So you are just losing money in the long run. Farm, Farm, Farm.  Only sell mats not needed in any way for your Legendary, you can check this at GW2wiki.com.

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Legendary Weapons : How to (kinda) Empty Re: Legendary Weapons : How to (kinda)

Post by Coyote on Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:24 pm

I can confirm that this method works! I made my Twilight using Ender's guide! Good stuff Ender!

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